5 Best Antivirus Software for macOS 2022

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “macOS computers do not get viruses”. If you’re a Millennial, chances are that this was one of the reasons that made you want to get a MacBook or an iMac in the past.

However, if that was ever true, it is no more. Apple computers are equally subjected to viruses and malware as their Windows counterparts.

A consequence of this misconception was that, in the past, Apple users did not consider antivirus software a priority when getting a new laptop. As we said, that was based on a false premise. So, if you use macOS and you’re thinking about security, antivirus software is a bare necessity.

In this article, we’ll go through our top 5 antivirus software for macOS in 2022. Let’s go!

The Best Antivirus Software for macOS in 2022

1. Intego

The first software we’ll mention is Intego’s Mac Internet Security X9 Bundle. The bundle offers two different apps: VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9. The first one protects your laptop from viruses and malware; the second provides network protection, keeping your Mac safe from unauthorized access.

If you think that this is not enough, you can always go for the Mac Premium Bundle X9. The Premium Bundle comes with ContentBarrier X9, Mac Washing Machine X9 and Intego Privacy Protection, other than the aforementioned tools for Mac Internet Security X9. ContentBarrier protects users on your network from hazardous content. Mac Washing Machine cleans up your laptop from files you no longer need, making your laptop faster.

Offering you great value for your money, Intego also includes Privacy Protection on the Premium bundle. Privacy Protection is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which could cost a lot if acquired separately. Intego offers this in their Premium package as an optional add-on.

The Mac Internet Security X9 is definitely worth it, starting at $19,99 per year, per device which can be downloaded by clicking the button below:

Get started with Intego

Alternatively, you can use one of the following links to access a package that is tailored to your requirements:

Intego Antivirus 2022

2. Avast

Avast One is another great option for both personal and professional use. This suite also includes a VPN, just like Intego’s offer. However, the big surprise from Avast, other than their obviously great antivirus features, is Avast Secure Browser.

Yes – a browser. You might’ve thought there were too many browsers already, but this option from Avast is great if you want to control access to possibly dangerous content and websites. Avast’s browser also helps you keep your activity private, which is always a plus considering how our data is so easily collected and distributed for purposes we might not be aware of.

3. Norton 360

Norton has been around for a long time now, and it’s still one of the behemoths in the antivirus business. Norton 360 has the advantage of protecting both Windows and macOS devices. This is great if you’re looking for a cross-platform offer.

When it comes to its features, Norton 360 is quite accurate at detecting viruses without false positives. This stems from its long experience with all sorts of devices, which has allowed Norton to gather enough data about the actual security threats to your laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Norton 360 also backs up your data and keeps your passwords protected, two seemingly basic features that, however, wow users with their efficiency. Plans start at $29.99 a year.

4. McAfee

Talking about behemoths in the antivirus business… couldn’t let McAfee out of this list. Other than being a trusted software, it is also cross-platform, and you can protect an unlimited number of devices on one license only. This makes it a budget-friendly option if you’re concerned about safety – it can protect the laptops, tablets, and smartphones of the whole family, or your team members.

McAfee’s software is great not only against malware, ransomware and viruses but also at detecting scam attempts. This makes it ideal for sensitive users such as children. If you want to protect your family online, McAfee is a great option with plans starting at €27,47 a year.

5. Bitdefender

One of Bitdefender’s main selling points is that it barely affects your system performance. This is especially important when it comes to old machines – we all have that old device that we cannot leave behind. Also, Bitdefender comes with the lowest price tag on the list, starting at €15.99 per year on a plan for three devices.

This is a great option if you don’t want all the bells and whistles, but value your online security. Also, you can always add the VPN option on your plan afterwards at a reasonable price (low enough to be cheaper to get the add-on in comparison to getting the VPN separate). Bitdefender is a low-cost option with the features of a premium package.

Wrapping Up

All the products in this list are highly-respected staples of internet security, a few of them have been around since the inception of antivirus software itself. Each option comes with a specific target, but all of them can be great depending on how many devices you need to protect, if you want a cross-platform option, or even the kind of users for these devices, such as professional and personal users.

Intego is an ideal option if you’re going for a comprehensive suite. You can get any of Intego’s plans at a great price here.

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How Management Software Has Developed the Business Industry?

Have you ever needed a business management system? Absolutely yes because this system will increase your customer engagement.

The management software for the business is developed professionally. This software is known as a business management system that works effectively to manage, control, organise and arrange customer and staff records. People love to use this software for managing the entire operations of their businesses. It is very beneficial for a well-reputed business firm to buy management software because it engages the clients. 

The main objective of this software is to facilitate the employees of the company. This software works flexibly and efficiently to provide all the services. It has many options to maintain the history of employees and customers. The business software is user-friendly and is compatible with all operating systems including iOS and Android. There is a manual working before the invention of the management software and it was very difficult to store the data of customers.

Aspects of the Management Software

The business management software helps to engage the clients with the products. This software allows the business stakeholders to cover all the areas of their sector. It is an effective tool for the employees to manage the running system of the business. This technology is developed by IT professionals for the management of the business. You can manage, control and organise any type of business data by using this software.

Businessmen and stakeholders love to buy this software because it works properly. This software is a reliable technology that provides many facilities and options for staff management. It also tracks the performance of the employees. All the features of this software are easy to use because it is user-friendly and flexible.

Most of the business software is developed for a specific industry but it cannot be transferred to another business sector unless its operations are changed. The management software is designed according to the requirements of the business. It is the high responsibility of the software developers to invent software that meets the needs of the business because it develops productivity.

The software for the business is an option to reduce the cost, time, and manpower that is needed to manage the system. It increases the sales and profit by cutting the cost to recruit employees for the management. Accounting software for businesses is using in the world to send, receive, analyse, manage, and audit accounts. This software is multi-functional and provides an excellent environment for the customers.

Business Software: A Revolutionised Development

The business application is fully operational having major features for the employees and clients. This system is a powerful platform that helps the management to schedule the appointment of the people. It manages the record of the customers properly.

Business software often stops working due to errors. These may be human, system, programming, or data error. It is the responsibility of the system controller to resolve the error so that the business management can resume their work.

Below are some important features of good business software:

Integrated Processes:
Most of the companies are using business software that covers the management and some of them are responsible for the controlling. Keeping this in mind, business management software is an integrated and operational system that provides a single platform for all the functions. Professional business software is adaptable to every business sector because it is a solution to all the management problems.

Data Security:
It is the top priority of your business to look for a system that is secured and guaranteed for the data. Look for software that is designed through multi-level controls because it ensures data protection. Good management software is helpful to save the internal data that safeguard the customers and suppliers.

Technical Customer Support:
If you are going to start a business, don’t forget to buy professional business software because it provides 24-hour support for your clients. It helps to resolve the major concerns of the customers including technical issues. A support feature is an effective option that facilitates the people.


In this modern world, management software is essential for all businesses. Companies that are working on a small and large scale have to deal with various activities including administration, client management, suppliers contact., support, data management, and warehouse system, etc. For managing all these, they must need a professional management system to run the business properly. If you want to buy management software for your fitness or wellness business, contact wellyx because it provides simple and convenient software for managing the entire operations.

If you are running your business manually, try to make the system fast and reliable by taking it to the online platform because it will help to attract customers. You can make your business system smooth by transferring the data to the online management system.


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Posted by: Silva Web Designs

Nathan is the Founder of Silva Web Designs. He is passionate about web development, website design and basically anything digital related. His main expertise is with WordPress, Magento, Shopify as well as many other frameworks. Whether you need responsive design, SEO, speed optimisation or anything else in the world of digital then get in touch. If you would like to work with Nathan, simply drop him an email at [email protected]

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The Evolving Realities of Digital Marketing

Whenever someone visits websites, sends emails or fills up online surveys, they leave digital footprints. You can leave your footprints without being aware. A web server could log your IP address like and location to study more about your activity online. Your posts and impressions on social media are also digital footprints.

The higher your engagement with social media, the larger your digital footprint. Marketers aim to give the best experience to their audience through personalisation. They collect data from you to provide a personalised experience.

People are waking up to the fact that spy agencies, companies, and search engines have a detailed history of their activities, particularly in the digital sphere. Data Privacy is the need of the hour. Companies are trying to find a balance between privacy and personalisation.

How Companies Collect Data?

When companies collect data, you do not even know that they track you. They collect data about your location, pattern, demographics, and preferences. An internet cookie stores information about your IP address, your login information, and page time.

Cookies can tell companies about the number of site visits and pages viewed. They allow companies to personalise pages and allow visitors to stay logged in. Companies also collect information about your location through GPS tracking.

This data can help when your device is lost. However, companies use this data to send you offers and promotions when you consider buying a product. Companies also use email tracking to collect data to craft strategies to win customers.

AI in Personalised Marketing

Many users around the world check their push notifications many times a day. Users find too many notifications annoying. AI identifies patterns of behaviour and sends alerts at the right time. AI also helps to filter site visitors and make recommendations based on their interests. It collects information from site visitors based on their impressions and groups site visitors with similar interests and allows you to provide a unique user experience to different people.

Content personalisation is easy with AI, as the machines read all your text, metadata, length, and format to classify your content. Then the system determines what type of content to recommend for a user based on his interests. For content strategy, you have to look for the best digital marketing agency that provides professional SEO services in your city.

AI chatbots give uninterrupted customer service. Companies also use AI algorithms to adjust pricing based on different factors like supply, demand, customer location, and weather.

Risks of Personalisation & Data Collection

Mutual trust and commitment are essential prerequisites for data collection. If you provide too intrusive ads or irrelevant ads, your customers will leave you for your competitors. Companies selling data to third parties without notification break the law. They also will lose customer faith in the brand and lose revenue. When you use every piece of information at your disposal to make recommendations, they feel being under surveillance all the time.

Collecting more information also has an impact on your decision-making skills. With more data coming in, the information becomes irrelevant to you. It takes more time to organise the information you have collected. Collecting more data also means more storage, security, and maintenance. You are also responsible for protecting personal, financial, and health information about your customers from hackers.

Be Transparent

Your customers might not be aware that you are collecting data for business purposes. And when companies notify customers about the terms and conditions, it is too hard to understand their implications. Companies like Google and Apple want to ensure data privacy. Apple came up with an update in iOS 14.5 to allow users to choose whether they agree to share their unique Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Similarly, Google wants to do away with third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022.

These initiatives will have an impact on personalisation. But it shows that you need to be transparent and let your customers know that you are collecting their personal information. The best digital marketing agency that provides professional SEO services can help you balance personalisation and privacy.

Data Security

You have to protect your customers’ information against several threats. Data breaches affect your brand image. Customers lose faith in a brand that has leaked their personal information to a hacker. Encryption, tokenisation, and data masking techniques help you protect your customers’ data.

Ways to Build Trust

Build Control

Giving your customers more control when you collect data builds trust. You can allow them to monitor the data you collect and what you do with them. Your customers should determine what information to give and who should receive the information.

Leverage Data

Many companies collect data that goes unused. And you might not know what data you have already. Collecting less information allows you to focus more and minimises your potential threats. Having more data increases the likelihood of a data breach. You need to leverage and maximise the efficiency of the data you already have.

Comply with the government

Compliance is crucial, as companies that break laws pay hefty fines and incur penalties. Building trust with customers through compliance with the rules is necessary. It builds your brand reputation and gives you a competitive edge.


Silva Web Designs - Profile

Posted by: Silva Web Designs

Nathan is the Founder of Silva Web Designs. He is passionate about web development, website design and basically anything digital related. His main expertise is with WordPress, Magento, Shopify as well as many other frameworks. Whether you need responsive design, SEO, speed optimisation or anything else in the world of digital then get in touch. If you would like to work with Nathan, simply drop him an email at [email protected]

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