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How To Configure Your WordPress Writing Settings

The configuration of WordPress writing settings completely depends on the type of content within your business website. The ranges of writing settings vary depending on the WordPress theme you have selected for your website. These can be the default post category or format, default link category, writing screen interface, and others.

By applying these settings, you basically get access to full management of WordPress options that provide creation, editing, and publishing posts on your website pages. So, we have collected the core WordPress writing settings that will make the process of adding new content and promoting it through different channels much quicker and easier.

Press This Setting

Press This setting is responsible for copying the content for certain website pages (yours as well as from other websites) and converting this text into a post on your website. Basically, this process doesn’t seem to be complicated to do manually. But it also takes some time that you could spend on more vital tasks. Moreover, Press This fastens and simplifies this process as much as possible. Press This is an addition that can be installed within your web browser, just make sure you save the link to this tool.

Using this setting is pretty easy—you just choose the amount of content you would like to post on your website and just copy it. You may wonder why I need this setting if the content is not unique, like the writing service the best essays provide. Sometimes you may find interesting facts, statistics, or quotes that would perfectly suit some topic on your blog.

You can boldly insert this information into your blog post, typing the original source of information or author of the quotation, or you can hire someone to write a paper directly for your blog. Press This just saves your time and posts it automatically.

Default Post Category Setting

As you know, the WordPress website allows you to create different categories of content on your website depending on the subject of the article. However, the probability of forgetting to include the category is always high because this detail seems not to be important. But it actually is because if you don’t select the category, the content will not be displayed on your blog.

Default post category setting is a great tool that automatically will put the article into this category if you have forgotten to choose the needed one. Additionally, if you are going to delete one of the existing categories like best essay writing service, all posts will be automatically moved to the default post category, with no need to move each article separately.

Default Post Format Setting

Depending on the installed WordPress website theme, you can choose different post formats like:

  • standard
  • video or photo
  • link
  • aside
  • gallery
  • quote


The post format settings help you automatically convert the post into the format it actually requires. However, this option will be unavailable if your WordPress theme doesn’t support any of the formats we counted above. So if you will need different formats for your posts, you need to think about it in advance, before you install the theme.


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