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10 Pro Tips to Leverage Your Website Design for Online Businesses

Have you just recently thought to yourself that you should leverage your website design for your online business? Have you ever thought that your website design is leading or misleading to your website visitors? Can they find what they need immediately? Will they know what type of business you own and what kind of products and services you provide? If you have a pricing layout, is it easy to follow? Have you ever checked your bounce rate?

If your answer to these questions is No, it is time to think about them and remove the barriers to your sales and business success. Here in this article, you will learn about the importance of website design and the ways you can leverage your online business using your website design.

Why Is Website Design Important?

Yes, it is certainly important; but why? Due to different factors such as the advancement in the digital world, the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, etc., many businesses have turned to create an online presence. Consequently, there are many competitors in the digital market. To survive in such a competitive market, you should rely on your strength. For instance, you can improve your website design so that your website visitors will love buying from you.

It is definitely a risk to your number of sales and the number of revenues if you do not work on the design of your website. There are millions to billions of active users in the AI world who do not find every design efficient and time-saving. As a result, you have to take the matter seriously and take a step toward your website design.

How to Leverage Your Website Design for Online Businesses?

Hare, we will discuss some tips in order to let you know about how you can leverage your website design for your online business:

1. Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey

Not having a proper plan for what you are going to do can seriously bring your business down. This statement is not limited to business only. You might have experienced it in many cases other than business. Therefore, having a detailed plan for your goals is necessary. Because you do not want to invest money, time, and energy and get nothing in return.

Your conversion funnel needs to be based on a plan to turn out fruitful. Make the journey interesting and easy to follow for your website traffic. To do this flawlessly, you need to know what needs your audience may have. Focus on your buyer persona characteristics and design your conversion funnel based on that. Then, think of the number of pages, content, offers, etc. that can boost your conversion rate.

2. Add Social Buttons

Social buttons help you direct your visitors to your social media. Many of your users do not know if you have any accounts on social media. They may even be your customers but still be unaware of your presence on popular online platforms. Accordingly, adding social buttons is one of the ways you can increase organic traffic to your website and social media.

Take Instagram as an instance. There are two ways to grow the number of followers on Instagram. Firstly, you can increase your Instagram followers by using Instagram followers apps. Another way is to get your leads to share your content on their Instagram for their friends, so that their friends may get interested to follow you. Just make your share buttons available for them and wait for them to appear as new followers on Instagram.

Here are the social buttons on the Mango website:

3. Include CTA Buttons

Call-to-action or CTA buttons, such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Explore Products’, etc., are other essential elements that have to be there on your website. Let’s put it this way: your social buttons are the gateways to your final goal. CTA buttons or phrases lead your leads to where you actually want them to be.

Your CTA button has to be somewhere which is easy to find. Moreover, its colour should be a contrasting one to the other parts of your page so that it is easy to notice. Furthermore, choose an appropriate size for it so that is not too small and not too big.

If there are no CTA buttons on your landing page, there is no point for your landing page. In addition, your leads may get frustrated and leave your page because they cannot find an end to their conversion. You do not want that to happen, of course. Therefore, it is necessary for you to add CTA buttons or phrases to your website.

In addition to ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Explore Products’, other instances for a CTA button or phrase can be ‘Download the E-Book Now’, ‘Sign Up for Free’, ‘See Pricing’, ‘Click for More’, ‘Watch Now’, ‘Get the Discount Code’, ‘See All the Services’, etc.

Apple has chosen a simple and easy CTA button to lead its visitors to the page where the new iPhone 12 can be bought:

5. Use Visual Content

The leads that visit your website are not university scholars who are searching for a long article to read. Long texts without visual design and content are not interesting to the eye. Plus, they not only will not read your lengthy texts but also may leave your website because they are not there to read.

Everything, from texts to visuals, should have a clear purpose on your website. Avoid inserting extra content because it increases the risk of distraction. If there are long articles, you can create a blog section on your website and add all your articles there. However, even there, you should include some visuals among the paragraphs to give rest to the eyes of your readers. Visuals can be either pictures or graphs, diagrams, animations, gifs, illustrations, infographics, etc.

If you want to add pictures to your website, you should check if they do not infringe copyright. Moreover, choose the pictures that have a high resolution so that they give a great view of your website. Furthermore, check for the relevance of the pictures to your textual content and do not add every picture that seems interesting to you.

Captivating relevant visual content makes your website visitors want to read your textual content too. Therefore, you need to be careful about your choice of visual content.

6. Check Website Navigation

Website navigation allows your website visitors to move between your pages smoothly and without difficulty. The better your website navigation, the higher your conversion rate becomes. Because there is no frustration caused by the inefficiency of your website navigation.

If your website does not have efficient navigation, it gets hard for your website visitors to quickly and easily find what they want. Therefore, enhancing your website navigation can both mitigate user experience and eliminate the bounce rate.

7. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

As smartphones have become more advanced, many people nowadays use smartphones and laptops interchangeably. What happens if someone encounters your website and gets lost in the chaos caused by the lack of mobile optimisation of your website? The answer is clear: they will leave your website.

As the use of smartphones has increased magnificently, you will lose a lot of website visitors if your website is not mobile responsive. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all your visitors and predict that they may be using a smartphone. In addition, as you do website testing, you similarly have to do mobile testing to see if everything is working well.

8. Test Your Website

Website testing is a stage that many website owners or IT teams neglect. However, it is a very crucial stage and should not be ignored. If one button does not work or if there are any other possible issues on your website, you will not notice them unless you test your website. Think of all those who should struggle with the bubbles in your website. Think of the number of leads you may lose each day if you do not fix the errors on your website.

Consequently, you will have a loss of revenues without even being aware of the causes. Therefore, ask your IT team to test your website every once in a while so that you do not lose your qualified leads. Your IT team can automate website testing by using tools like A/B tests and multivariate tests. Moreover, your IT team can use heat maps to track the sections in which your website visitors spend a lot of time and see if there are any problems with those sections.

9. Produce Problem Solving Content

The role of content in customer retention is undeniable. The reason why your business needs SEO content is actually unquestionable. The content of your website is one of the factors that determine whether your generated leads want to stay on your website or not. Good and standard content brings more leads to your website. It not only should be optimised by the latest SEO strategies but also should meet the needs and requirements of your audience. In other words, it should be a problem-solving kind of content so that it helps them to some extent.

However, you need to think deeply about what questions your business can answer. Then, write content for each and share them on your blog. The reason is that you cannot contact the audience whom you do not know, therefore, you should provide them on your website and wait for the searches of your audience.

10. Fix 404 Errors

If your business is well-developed and your website is large, there might be some pages there that do not function. These pages welcome their visitors with a 404 error and leave them in confusion. Do you already know if all your pages are working right now? If one of the pages does not work, do you think that your prospecting lead writes to you and report to you on that? Well, wake up and smell the coffee!

It is only you who is responsible for the malfunctioning of your website pages. Your IT team or content team has to constantly check the pages and fix them in case of the existence of an error. In fact, your content team can help you, in this case, a lot because they are using the links as the internal links in their blog posts and they can notice an error.

Technical issues on your website can result in the distrust of your audience. So, if you want your leads to trust you and to become your customer, you have to make your website less inefficient.


Leveraging your website design can bring success to your business. Of course, there are several other ways you can resort to, but the website is the most important property f an online business. You can grow your sales and increase the number of your customers if you follow the tips above. Wish you the best of luck!

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