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How does plagiarism affect SEO? 7 tools to make our content plagiarism-free

SEO or search engine optimisation means all the tools that are used to enhance the ranking of a website or a blog. 

These include many practices and strategies because every website owner wants its website to rank higher among the Google index and they try to stay away from practices as much as possible that can harm the SEO ranking in any way. 

Plagiarised content is one such issue that jeopardises the ranking of a website. Well, what is plagiarised content? 

What is plagiarised content?

In simpler words, the intellectual property of other people or sources used as your own. This can harm the reputation of both you and as well as the original creator.  

Although it is common knowledge among people that using plagiarised content is generally a bad practice, we still come across this issue very often. Plagiarism can be of different types. It can be direct plagiarism, mosaic, or accidental plagiarism.

Types of Plagiarism

  • The direct type of plagiarism is the most dangerous one because it means the writer has copy-pasted the exact text without changing anything. It is mostly the deliberate kind of plagiarism and the person who is doing it is well aware of it.
  • Then there is mosaic plagiarism. It can confuse most plagiarism detection tools and even search engines. But the problem arises when the original content starts to rank lower and most users don’t even realise that they are consuming the plagiarised content. However, if the original owner finds out about it then websites with plagiarised content can be banned forever.
  • Accidental plagiarism is the least dangerous as the writer is usually innocent in this case. As the internet is filled with information that is increasing day by day, therefore, it is very common that your content gets matched with somebody else’s data.

How does plagiarism affect SEO?

The consequences are pretty much the same for every type of plagiarism. The website usually gets penalised for plagiarised content. 

Also, plagiarism can highly affect the SEO ranking because the internet does not work like human brains. It cannot detect which content is original and which one is copied. 

This confuses the search engines and gives irrelevant results which can harm both parties. No doubt it affects the reputation and is also a waste of money. 

However, if you are in the SEO business and worried about plagiarised content, you don’t have to. The Internet is flooded with tools that can make your content plagiarism-free. Most of them are pretty authentic and work free of cost. 

Best plagiarism checker tools

We have compiled a list of such tools. These tools are also called paraphrasing tools that make your content free of any copied work. 

We would suggest using these websites extensively as there is no harm in it also making the work of content writers much easier. 

1. Prepostseo.com

If you search about the paraphrasing tools, there is a high chance you’d come across this website. A simple click takes you to the main page that checks the plagiarised content. You just have to copy and paste the text and the rest of the work is done by the tool. 

There is also the option of selecting the file from the computer. The website is fuss-free and free of cost as well.

2. Check-plagiarism.com

This one is another decent plagiarism checker tool that can help content writers check if their text is plagiarism-free or not. This one has free versions.

But It takes 15 to 20 seconds to check plagiarism. It has also a captcha option to avoid robotic use. It has a 5000 words limit for making content plagiarism-free. 

3. PaperRater

The plagiarism checker tool is one of the features of PaperRater. That website contains tons of features and this plagiarism checker tool is one of them. 

You can drop your file via dropbox, google drive, or from your computer. The word limit is around 2000. Which is pretty decent for a free-of-cost tool.

4. ProWritingAid

It is quite an authentic website and is pretty commonly used in e-learning. It helps students to track their content. Among many pros, one of the best is that ProWritingAid can scan the text in multiple formats and Unicode languages

A variety of tools are offered by ProWritingAid. There are mobile applications as well as the MS office extension. However, the website requires you to sign up before using it. 

5. Plagiarisma

Just like the name, Plagiarisma is very easy to use and offers multiple purposes. It can be used by teachers, students, and writers. Plagiarisma supports almost all languages under the sun. There is literally none that is excluded from the list. The few cons that are there include the limited searches per day. 

6. Plagium

Another functional plagiarism detector tool is this Plagium one. It offers searches at multiple levels. 

On the plus side, it is pretty easy to use and offers the detection of 5000 words free of cost. This is quite a good deal for a free plagiarism checker tool. However, not all of the features are free. Premium versions offer deep searches and a quick search of the content.

7. Plagscan

This detection tool offers services to individuals and businesses who require their content to check against online sources, scientific content, and simple documents of the users. This tool is completely available online and requires downloading. 

It also offers multiple formats for adding the file. A subscription is also not necessary. The user can get it if needed. However, the interface is a bit difficult compared to other websites and tools. 


If you are trying to discover the tools to detect plagiarism this list is all you need. Above mentioned tools are one the best on the internet and are used by writers commonly. 

Website owners should use these frequently to help avoid plagiarism in their content. Only plagiarism-free content ranks the website higher among the google index.


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