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What is Binary translation and how it works?

It is not wrong to say that computers are just a game of 0’s and 1’s and it performs all the functionality just by using these two digits.

But the whole computing is not dependent on these binary digits as there are many more functions that need some languages other than binary.

If we take a simple example, we can say that for making the functions of a computer understandable by humans or readers, we need to translate that binary code.

But is it possible to translate binary?

Yes, it is definitely possible to translate binary into text or the common conversion is binary to ASCII and it is really very easy.

How to translate binary into text?

It is pretty simple to convert binary into readable text or text that can be understandable by a native user.

Simply, you can use an online tool for doing this task, and fortunately, there are many translators available on the internet.

And if you are willing to do it manually then it can also be possible so, it is your choice to select the suitable approach.

We are going to explain both of the approaches below so that, it can be easy for you to decide which one can be suitable for you.

1. By using an online binary translator

Binary translators are specifically created to convert binary into ASCII code so that a native user can read and understand the content.

And it is surely the easiest approach you can complete your task in less time by using a binary translator.

We have seen and personally used these online binary translators and we found them really useful and easy to use.

You just need to enter the binary code of any character and then you can simply click on the submit button to get your results.

And can also write something in the ASCII code then translate or convert it into binary form.

If you use a binary code translator then you will surely convert your binary code into ASCII text and also many advanced features and options with all the accuracy.

And it is not that difficult to convert binary to text so, you can also do it manually and we are going to discuss it below.

2. Doing it manually

First of all, we need to convert 4 digits into one hexadecimal digit and this is possible by having a proper table containing all the hexadecimal digits.

Then we can simply split all these hexadecimal digits into pairs and it will be shown as a string of digits in pairs.

As we made pairs, now we need to convert that pairs in the decimal form and after converting in the decimal form, we can simply convert them into the ASCII code.


It is really important sometimes to convert binary code into ASCII for making the readers clear about what you are presenting.

Binary numbers are only understandable by the machines so, it is surely needed to be converted when it comes to the understanding of a human.


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