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Why Your Web Design Agency Shouldn’t Just Build A Website

The best way to boost your online presence as a business is by building your website. Having a professional website makes you discoverable online and allows you to showcase products and services you can offer to your customers.

There are two main approaches when it comes to creating a website. You can choose the DIY approach, or you can hire a web design agency to build a website for you.

Most business owners hire a web design agency to save their time and effort. If you don’t go down the DIY path, then you should pick a web design agency that does more than simply “web design.” Keep reading this blog to find out what your web design agency should be able to do other than simply design your website.

Your Website Needs and Goals

Setting up a website doesn’t simple include the aesthetic aspects of the design process. Here is a list of tasks that your web design agency must be able to handle:

CMS Integration

If you are using any of the leading CRM tools, then you have to ensure that your web design agency can integrate it with your website.

Growing Your Email List

Your web design agency should optimize your website to ensure that you can get more email subscribers and increase your brand awareness.

Integration of Payment Platforms

If you plan on selling products through your website, then your web design agency should also be able to set up a secure payment integration on your website.

Collection of User’s Data

Your web design agency should be able to integrate forms into your website so you can collect data from your users.

User-Friendly Navigation

The web design agency you hire should be able to build a user-friendly website that enhances the user experience and encourages a user to spend more time on your website. Aspects such as the call to action signals on your website should be discussed with you and considered.

Ecommerce Functionality

If you are going to sell physical or digital products through your website, then your web design agency should be able to advise the best practises on user experience and also how best to manage your online store.

Website’s Security

Security is a key element for any website. An SSL certificate should be installed as standard to ensure that traffic cannot be intercepted. This will also help with your organic search engine rankings too.

Focus on Marketing Strategies

Having a website won’t help your business at all if it doesn’t rank higher on major search engines. The web design agency you hire should be able to optimize your website for SEO. Other than that, they should also be able to maintain your socials and ensure that you get more email subscribers through your website.

Niche Experience of An Agency

When you want to hire a web design agency, you should not only focus on the “designing” experience of an agency. It’s important to check how that specific agency has helped businesses that operate in your target industry.

For example, if you are in the legal industry, then you should try hiring a web design agency that has previous experience working with lawyers to find new clients through their websites.

The reason why you should find an agency with specific experience in your industry is that it makes it easier for you to achieve your business goals. An agency that has brought results for businesses in your industry will find it knows how to aid you in achieving your business goals in the shortest possible time.

Portfolio of A Web Design Agency

The specific portfolio of a web design agency matters more than you might imagine. If you want to estimate how your web design agency can help you in the long run, then you should check their portfolio to find how they’ve helped other businesses in the past.

A detailed portfolio can show how an agency has aided a business in building its brand online. Even if an agency signs NDAs with their clients, they can still show you how they have impacted the growth of other businesses through their overall skills and efforts.


It’s easier to hire a web design agency that simply your website without considering how well it’s going to convert visitors into potential revenue. When considering a particular agency, be sure to do your due diligence. A website is often the forefront of a business and it’s important not to waste money on using an agency which doesn’t understand the basics.


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