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Main Web Design Trends that Will be Popular in 2023

Keeping abreast of significant web design trends is important for developing websites or applications. The better the product is made, the more likely it will be actively used and will be practically helpful to the modern user.

That is why it is critical not only to be aware of the current trend but also to anticipate the needs of the user for the future. In the publication, members of the MasterBundles team will talk about what is most likely to be found on web platforms next year — remember and be sure to implement these features in your projects!

Specialists’ Assumptions

So, some surveys say that experts are confident in the emergence of such trends:

  • parallax or dynamic scrolling for narrative pages;
  • emphasis on white space, which makes it easier for the user to recognize and explore various content;
  • despite retaining the main colors of 2022 for next year, according to a press release, WGSN and Coloro chose Digital Lavender as the trend shades for next year;
  • active use of custom illustrations as a background;
  • development of dark themes.

However, in fact, there are much more assumptions regarding web design trends in 2023 — and we will discuss each popular forecast below.

Trends You’ll Definitely See in 2023

Some of the listed web design trends are quite obvious, as their popularity has already begun to grow (for example, a dark theme or “scrolling”). Some, such as animation cursors or micro-animations, are rarely used yet, so the boom in demand is likely to be only next year.

Custom Illustrations

It’s no secret that an illustration is something that will completely enliven both the image of the company and the website as a whole. Moreover, it is important that not standard graphics will be needed, but custom-made drawings — unusual, attractive, and unique.

The fact is that such creativity significantly affects brand awareness, complementing the business style. Therefore, it’s likely that more companies will post such illustrations on their platforms. By the way, for creating such images, 3D techniques with gradient coloring will be used more often.

Full Page Headers

It’s also likely that web design trends in 2023 will include the use of full-page headers everywhere. Now not all websites use this feature, but Discord can be cited as an example.

Large text will help to focus the attention of the site visitor on the key point. To the left of a full-page header or below the bottom, developers can place CTA buttons or blocks, since attention usually gets there immediately after reading the header.

Parallax Scrolling

The essence of the parallax effect is to offer the user a special scrolling opportunity with a 2D effect, in which the foreground images move faster than the background image. It’s also called “asymmetrical scrolling”.

Overlapping speeds as the user navigates the site provides an immersive experience, ultimately causing them to pause and move on. Parallax comes into play when you have long-scrolling content – this trend would be perfect for platforms that have pages with storytelling!

Plenty Of Free Space

It’s interesting that this technique is already used in print publications, and not only mentioned in web design trends for the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. As a rule, human vision constantly jumps from one element to another — the larger the accumulation of objects, the heavier the load and the worse the perception.

This is the main reason why white space would be preferred. It`ll enhance the visual hierarchy, allow users to absorb content without straining their eyes and brain, and also recognize the structure more quickly. Thus, empty space is the path to excellent UX.

Animated Cursors

The invention of the mouse and the development of the cursor led to a revolution in the field of interaction with interfaces — now the user could not be limited to the keyboard! However, the development does not stand still, and animated cursors have got into new trends.

But for this trend to become a favorite, and not just a toy of the season, animated cursors must not only look good but also function in such a way that hover effects and site transitions make the user experience more intuitive and enjoyable.

Asymmetrical Layouts

At the moment, a web page is usually designed using an invisible symmetrical grid — this ensures that most elements are ordered. However, it’s worth forgetting about the strictness of the hierarchy, asymmetrical layouts will become a trend in the near future.

At first glance, such pages may seem sloppy, because some elements will “float independently of each other”. But do not think that the user will be left on his own with this mess, the design will be both unusual and convenient.

Adaptive Design

Back in 2015, according to Google, approximately 52% of all queries came from mobile devices. In 2021, the figure increased to a record 93.22% according to Statist.

Websites simply don’t benefit from not having a mobile adaptive design. It is likely that almost all platforms will focus on them in 2023. In addition, web design will continue to improve with thumb-friendly layouts. This will greatly enhance the user experience.

Micro Animation

Micro animation may become a trend in 2023, as it is now called an important marketing tool. It allows the customer to more effectively interact with the content and also guarantees high user engagement.

Increasing the Chatbot Number

Chatbots are a must-have for every website today, but their popularity is likely to peak next year. They will probably become even cooler, be able to recognize replicas of human speech, and filter questions more effectively.

Customer support with chatbots on websites was 85% last year, according to Smallbizgenius. Probably by 2023 this figure will be close to 100%!

Dark Theme Prevalence

The dark theme can be found on most sites, but its popularity is not the limit, but is another reason to focus on it next year and include it in the web design trends 2023. In addition to convenience, dark mode saved up to 30% of the charge on iPhones (Business Insider data, 2021).

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the list of potential trends for 2023 is quite wide and web designers have a lot of options to develop their projects. Be sure to follow the needs of modern users and implement new features to make the product the most useful for the market!


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Posted by: Nathan da Silva

Nathan is the Founder of Silva Web Designs. He is passionate about web development, website design and basically anything digital-related. His main expertise is with WordPress and various other CMS frameworks. If you need responsive design, SEO, speed optimisation or anything else in the world of digital, you can contact Silva Web Designs here; [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “Main Web Design Trends that Will be Popular in 2023

  1. Some web design trends that are predicted to be popular in 2023 include:

    3D and animation elements: 3D and animation elements will continue to be popular in web design, providing a more engaging and interactive user experience.

    Dark mode: With the increasing popularity of dark mode on operating systems, more websites are expected to adopt this trend in 2023.

    Micro-interactions: Micro-interactions, such as animations triggered by user actions, will become more prevalent in web design as they provide a more engaging and interactive user experience.

    Split-screen layouts: Split-screen layouts, where the page is divided into two or more sections, will become more popular in 2023 as they provide a more visually interesting and engaging design.

    Bold typography: Bold, large typography is predicted to be a trend in 2023, providing a more striking and impactful design.

    Augmented Reality: The use of augmented reality on websites will become more prevalent in 2023 as it allows for a more engaging and interactive user experience.

    Minimalism: Simple, minimalistic designs will continue to be popular in 2023, providing a clean and uncluttered look.

    Hand-drawn elements: Hand-drawn elements will become more popular in 2023, providing a more unique and personalized look.

    Please note that these are predictions and the trends keep changing. It’s important to consider the target audience and the message you want to convey when choosing the design elements to use.

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